The truth about hyper pigmented skin

Posted: February 19, 2017 By: Comment: 0

We wear foundation to cover up our skins inconsistency – but what if we understood our skin so well that we didn’t have to? Hyper pigmentation and uneven skin tones are the number one reason most women opt for a heavy coverage concealer. And we get it, it can be discouraging to not have an even complexion and a cause of insecurity to always cover up.

But what is hyper pigmentation, and who does it affect?

Hyper pigmented skin is skin that has large pigment deposits scattered across the body, causing some parts to be darker than others. It’s often the cause of hormonal fluctuations in the body, deep acne scaring and sun damage.
In pregnancy, many women experience something called melasma, which is also referred to as a pregnancy mask. It’s the result of hormonal influences in the body and can affect the face and arms. It is generally more prevalent in women with darker skin. Melasma needs to be tended to with treatments and topical creams.
If you do have hyper pigmented skin, it’s crucial to remember to protect your skin against the elements – and that means using sunblock every single day, rain or shine.
Products that are helpful to hyper pigmentation from the Salima line are included in the hyper pigmented kit, which gives you a full range of products that are invested in helping you develop and maintain an even and radiant complexion.

If you are considering a more intensive treatment, chemical peels and laser therapies done by a trained professional are effective ways of evening out skin. For less intense treatments, topical creams including vitamin a and vitamin c, that can be found in the hyper pigmented kit, are also tools you can use to even out your skin at home.
Your skin is your skin, and understanding it will not only help you love it, but also treat it so that it can be at it’s healthiest state.

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