Salima Skin Solutions™ evolved from the founder’s passion for results-oriented, high quality skin care. Along with a keen understanding of the skin, Salima designed her own line recognizing that, like herself, women of many ethnicities require solutions not offered by mainstream skin care lines.


Salima Skin Solutions™ founder Salima Amsa offers an in-depth introduction of our advanced skin care product line and provides a brief overview of some of our more popular skin condition treatment regimens.


We know that we are confident in the true value and effectiveness of the Salima Skin Solutions™ product line, but don’t just take our word for it!

Have a look at some recent before and after pictures that show some wonderful results.

Sensitive/Rosacea Skin

Hyperpigmented/Mature Skin

Acne/Scars Skin


  • Leyla Milani
    (Model, TV Host)

    “What a difference a great skincare system makes! I was sent the Salima Skin Solutions™ a few weeks ago and since then, I’ve been using it religiously day and night. I cannot express how impressed I am with this line. @salimaskinsolutions is a highly effective, simple to use, medical based skin care system, containing state-of-the-art ingredients with nourishing botanicals that target all skin types and skin conditions with real & noticeable results.”

  • Habiba Da Silva

    “If my house was burning down these (Salima Skin Solutions) would be some of the first products I’d save.”

  • Adam Saleh

    “These products are really, really good for your face. I was unaware that there was such a things as halal products until I was made aware of Salima Skin Solutions, however, it’s better and healthier for your skin. Leaves you feeling fresh!”

  • Hrush Achemyan
    (Kardashian Makeup Artist)

    “Quality skincare products are hard to come by! Lately, I have been obsessing over the Salima Skin Solutions Sensitive and Dehydrated System!! It’s super gentle, medical based and all natural! (Vegan & Cruelty free) Feels amazing on my skin!”

  • Tanya Cheban

    “Everyone has noticed a difference in my skin since I’ve started using Salima Skin Solutions. The texture, the tone, it’s evened out more, it looks healthy and youthful, and has eased makeup application. Salima is dedicated to her job, and it shows through her products.”