Salima Skin Solutions™ is a highly effective, simple-to-use, medical base skin care line, containing state-of-the-art ingredients coupled with nourishing botanicals that target all skin types and conditions with visible results. Salima’s skin systems are formulated for purity without alcohol, harmful chemicals, without animal by-products or animal testing. They contain dynamic, key ingredients targeted to actively improve the evenness of tone, texture and healthy appearance of the skin. Our product is 100% vegan fragrance-free, paraben-free. Our skin care line is trusted by physicians and medical skin care specialists all over the world.

Each system is formulated to target the following skin type and condition:

  • Hyperpigmented / Aging Skin
  • Dehydrated / Sensitive Skin
  • Oily / Acne Skin

Salima Skin Solutions™ evolved from the founder’s passion for result-oriented, high quality skin care. Along with a keen understanding of the skin, Salima formulated her own line recognizing that, like herself, women of many ethnicities require solutions not offered by mainstream skin care lines. After 15 years of experience and extensive research and collaboration with industry experts, physicians, and chemists, Salima is now proudly introducing the first skincare line that is medical-grade quality, halal-certified and made in Canada.

Salima’s skin systems work actively to improve the evenness of tone, texture and healthy appearance of the skin.

We recommend you begin this program with the complete system for the best possible outcome. Additional specialty products appropriate for all skin types target anti-aging and are designed to boost the results of the daily care programs. Once you determine your skin type you can order the exact collection and specialty products that will address your individual concerns.

Determining your skin type is easy and simple. We have included a skin type assessment tool that will allow you to accurately classify your skin. Simply read the characteristics listed under each skin type and check off the items that best characterize your skin. The category in which you have the most check marks determines your skin type and the corresponding collection of Salima products that will help to transform your skin. Or simply email us at with your skin concerns and one of our skin specialist will prescribe the most suitable skin system for your skin type.

Reactions to Salima Skin Solutions™ products are rare, however if you experience any temporary redness or reaction, (which is usually within 48 hours) to the products contact us immediately and ask to speak to a skincare specialist for guidance. Most of our clients have often notice improvement in the texture, tone, clarity, elasticity and general appearance of their skin within the first few usages.

Although determining the correct products for your specific needs is simple, you can always contact a Salima Skin Solutions™ skincare specialist for guidance. Go to the contact section of the site where you may be assisted via e-mail or over the phone.

Salima Skin Solutions™ uses medical based active ingredients that release accumulated dead skin cells, clearing build-up from the pores allowing for clearer, healthier and more youthful appearance of the skin. Challenging the skin with active ingredients stimulates its healing reaction and activates cell renewal while jump-starting the production of collagen and elastin. This exfoliation process also prepares the skin to receive active ingredients, nutrients and anti-oxidants, essential in the nourishment and vitality of the skin. Skin rejuvenation is the process of awakening the skin’s natural balance as well as its healing and cell renewal responses for a younger-looking more beautiful complexion.

In order for one to notice visible result, it is important to use the entire system for a period of three to fours week.The only samples we have are the travel kits, which has been 100% successful with our customers. The travel kits were designed to act as a sample for those who are unsure if they want a full kit. Incidents of sensitivity, reactivity or allergies, the reasons most people try samples, are extremely rare. Salima products are so well-tolerated that purchasing full size products is the most efficient and economical option. If you experience a problem, we encourage you to contact a Salima skincare specialist to re-evaluate the best possible products for your skincare needs. Changing the type of products or the manner in which they are used can completely rectify concerns and bring about the desired results Salima products is known to produce.

Daily use of the Salima Skin Solutions™ products will improve the texture, evenness, reduce the appearance of fine lines as well as calm or heal most acne conditions. You can expect your skin to appear more elastic with improved suppleness and refinement. The accumulation of dead skin cells on the most topical layer of the skin contributes to a dull appearance and uneven texture while bacteria formation and unbalanced oil production, which results in acne conditions. Salima active ingredients target these conditions for a more vibrant, refined texture and improved clarity of the skin. While using our products, you will notice a glow to your skin that no other skincare line has been able to provide.

The Salima Skin Solutions™ line includes products that have been specially formulated for Dehydrated/Sensitive & Dry skin. They are designed to calm sensitive conditions while still providing mild active ingredients that produce transformative results. In addition to the line of daily products, you may choose options such as AHA Cream, Vitamin C, Derma Exfoliant, Ultra Rejuvenating Mask, and the Firming Eye Cream, all of which contain state-of-the-art ingredients that are effective in gently nourishing, protecting, soothing, and rejuvenate the most delicate skin.

It is very rare to experience any adverse affects from the use of Salima Skin Solutions™.  Please consult a physician however, if you experience irritation or before using Salima products if you are pregnant or lactating or if you are under care for a medical condition.

There are no perfumes or artificial fragrances used in Salima Skin Solutions™ products. The source of any minimal scent detectable in the products is the highest quality in essential oils imported from France and is known either for its hypo-allergenic, medicinal or healing properties.

Although individual results may vary, many clients have noticed results within just a few days of using Salima Skin Solutions™ products. Best results are observed after four weeks of daily use. The advanced ingredients are formulated for fast, effective and long-lasting results and target most all skin concerns.

A good Sunblock that will not clog pores is essential for all skin types  no matter the weather or time of day. It’s important to protect your skin against the elements and slows down the aging process.

It depends on the amount of acne bacteria that is residing in the follicle. At first, a mild break out is expected, (some may experience more than others) however, that is the process of purging all the bacteria and that is exactly what is needed in order to clear any impurities within the skin. Otherwise, if this bacteria is left untreated it will cause acne scars. 

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