Do you offer free samples?

Posted: October 28, 2016 By: Comment: 0

In order for one to notice visible result, it is important to use the entire system for a period of three to fours week.The only samples we have are the travel kits, which has been 100% successful with our customers. The travel kits were designed to act as a sample for those who are unsure if they want a full kit. Incidents of sensitivity, reactivity or allergies, the reasons most people try samples, are extremely rare. Salima products are so well-tolerated that purchasing full size products is the most efficient and economical option. If you experience a problem, we encourage you to contact a Salima skincare specialist to re-evaluate the best possible products for your skincare needs. Changing the type of products or the manner in which they are used can completely rectify concerns and bring about the desired results Salima products is known to produce.

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