Here’s how to up your skincare game!

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Does skincare overwhelm you? Believe me, I know it can be a lot. There is always something new that everyone says you NEED to try and to be frank – that’s not always the truth. There are trends and fads in skincare, just like there is with fashion. But what’s important is sticking to what you know works, and sometimes that means keeping it to the basics.

What you need as your baseline is an effective cleanser, an alcohol-free toner and moisturizers. This is the steak and potatoes of skincare and there is no negotiating otherwise.

But your skin does often need a little extra something to keep it looking healthy. That doesn’t’ mean spending $200 on a spin brush you never use, it means looking at the ingredients and understanding what those specific products do for your skin.

And so where is our list of four additional steps in creating a balanced and even skin tone:

1) Vitamin C

We’ve been raving about the wonders of Vitamin C for sometime now, and it’s because how effective it is as a topical treatment. But did you know that even though it does amazing things for your skin, your body doesn’t use it that way when you ingest it? The only way to effectively use vitamin c to treat your skin is my applying it directly to your skin. Our product comes with a small measuring spoon so that you know exactly how much you need. Just mix it with your evening moisturizer and apply to a clean face

2) Retinol

It’s one of the best ingredients in reducing scarring and balancing out your skin tone, but did you know how to use it? It works best after using a toner. The trick is to let the toner set and dry completely before applying the retinol for maximum results.

3) Exfoliating

Does it seem like we talk about exfoliation a lot? Well, we do and it’s because it’s IMPORTANT! You need to remove dead skin build up, or you risk the chance of breakouts and dull looking skin. The Salima Skin Solutions exfoliator uses live enzymes to gently remove any build up on the skin, without causing further irritation.

4) Supplements

We are what we eat…and sometimes even if you’re diet is balanced, you still need additional supplements to give your skin a boost. Salima recommends using evening primrose capsules, and taking omega 3-6-9 as a way of giving your skin extra nutrients.


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